Research as a Care Option

You Can Make a World of Difference

Change the future of health care for yourself and for generations to come by choosing to participate in a research study.

Clinical trials provide access to the latest advances in research by bringing new treatment options to the market. They are led by trusted physicians who recognize the importance of conducting clinical research for their patients and their community and of doing their small part to advance heath care around the world. Not only will you gain access to the latest treatments, but you’ll also be contributing to the future of medicine.

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Common Questions

What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are the first step in bringing new treatment options to people around the world. Individuals like you, who participate in clinical trials, make it possible to advance medicine. Effective and safe new treatments and cures can only become realities if people take the initiative to participate in a clinical research study. When a trial is complete, researchers better understand how a medication benefits a specific medical condition.

Why consider participating?

By participating in a research study, not only are you helping researchers understand how a new medication works, but you are bringing new treatment options to people around the world to improve their health and well-being. You also have the potential to receive innovative treatment under the supervision of your trusted physician at no cost.

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